Grants Consulting Services

A humble approach to growing your nonprofit grant funding opportunities

Our featured services.

Bolek Grant Writing uses a calculated approach to ensure your organization will achieve its grant funding goals. Whether your team requires expert grant coaching or full-service proposal writing, we strive to deliver the best possible product to secure your desired funding. Take a look at some of our primary services below.

Grant Writing

We will prepare comprehensive, compelling grant proposals, diving deep into every project. Why? Grant writing is not a one size fits all. Success requires highly specific proposal-writing skills and meticulous detail with every project. Need help with federal grants? No worries—that’s our specialty! The result: successfully submitted quality applications and new insights gained from our “team-oriented” partnership.

Grants Coaching

We will share skills, insights and sound advice to achieve your grant funding goals. Through direct assistance or referrals, you will gain knowledge, information, tools and hands-on support to help you navigate your grant projects. Why? We have an insider’s grasp and are eager to help you make our world a better place with grants. The result: an extra helping hand with all things grants.

Grant Management Audit

We will assess your organization’s grant-related strengths and weaknesses, make recommendations and create next steps. Why? Grant success is the result of more than superior proposal writing. Overall organizational health is important to grant makers. The result: new or enhanced knowledge of grants-related capacity needs for grant funding success and strengthened community impact.

Funding Prospect Research

We will research and document appropriate grant makers for your organization and programs. Why? A comprehensive prospect list will aid in developing approach strategies and provide cost savings by freeing up your staff for other important tasks. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that makes our process a “must” for you. The result: a rock-solid list of funding prospects shared with you for further inquiry and planning.

How we work.

1First, we'll get acquainted with you and your organization. Your expectations and needs are important to us. You won't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics. That's just not our thing. You'll be invited to some insightful conversation about the direction you want to go with grants, and we'll decide together the best path forward. You can count on a "zero-ego" approach. It's not about us. It's all about you.

2Second, we'll build a customized partnership with you to provide all-encompassing assistance either directly or through referrals. In addition to grant writing, we write case statements and help with program design, building community partnerships and more. Through referrals, you can count on expert assistance with other needs like strategic planning and marketing. For evaluation services, we collaborate extensively with Diehl Consulting Group and would be happy to connect you.

3 Third, we'll work alongside you as an extension of your team to help you gain increased knowledge, skills and capacity to achieve your grant funding goals. Providing value is our #1 priority, and you will find it in every nook and cranny of our process. We prefer quality over quantity, defining our success by the amount of grant funding awarded and its impact potential, not the number of applications submitted. We're flexible, friendly and ready to work with you.