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Our featured services.

You need superb value and results. That’s why Bolek delivers more than successful grant applications. We also deliver the opportunity to build the foundation, skills and capacity to grow your mission and impact. No matter the age or stage of your organization, our comprehensive approach meets you where you are. You will receive a thorough assessment of your current capacity, expert insights, solutions and hands-on support to drive results and a strong return on your investment. Take a look at some of our primary services below.

Assessment and Planning

Grants Readiness Assessment - Prior to starting or expanding your grant program, it is important to determine readiness. Assess your organization's capacity and readiness for grants by completing our Free Grants Readiness Questionnaire.

Logic Model Development - We help you define connections between the problem your project will solve, what you plan to do, and what will be the result. A well-defined logic model is critical to grant funding success.

Case Statement Writing - We prepare a comprehensive narrative that describes your organization and project. Case statements make a convincing argument for support, provide project clarity and pre-approved content for grant proposals and other fundraising materials.

Funding Prospect Research

We research and identify grant makers and funding opportunities that match your mission, needs and geographic focus. A comprehensive prospect list aids in developing approach strategies and allows you to be proactive vs. reactive with appropriate funding opportunities.

Grant Writing

We work with you to prepare compelling grant proposals to corporate, foundation, state, and federal grant makers.

Our unique proposal navigation process includes artful direction and hands on support with project schedule creation, partnership development, attachments, budget guidance, research and data gathering, coordination with evaluation team, task management and monitoring, meeting facilitation, and team communication.


Grant seeking is highly complex and time consuming. The key is knowing where to turn for assistance. Our coaching support is designed to help you achieve greater clarity, focus and success with grants. We take time to understand your mission and goals, and bring skills, insights, honest feedback, strategies and hands-on support to drive results.

Customized services: -Grant opportunity review and competitive assessment -- training and presentations -- strategy -- proposal review and critique -- partnership development -- meeting facilitation -- project navigation.

How we work.

1First, we'll get acquainted with you and your organization. Your expectations and needs are important to us. You won't have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics. That's just not our thing. You'll be invited to some insightful conversation about the direction you want to go with grants, and we'll decide together the best path forward. You can count on a "zero-ego" approach. It's not about us. It's all about you.

2Second, we'll customize a service plan to meet your needs. In addition to grant writing, we develop logic models, write case statements, and help with program design, partnership development and more. Through our connections, you can count on expert assistance with other needs like strategic planning and marketing. For evaluation services, we collaborate extensively with Diehl Consulting Group and would be happy to connect you.

3 Third, we'll work alongside you as an extension of your team to help you gain new knowledge, skills and capacity to achieve your grant funding goals. Providing value is our #1 priority, and you will find it in every nook and cranny of our process. We prefer quality over quantity, defining our success by the amount of grant funding awarded and its impact potential, not the number of applications submitted. We're flexible, friendly and ready to work with you.