Granted House of Hope Dreams

In 2023, Granted was awarded $50,000 (of a $100,000 ask) from CenterPoint Energy Foundation for their capital campaign. These funds will support labor and material costs in the building of the Roy and Amanda Jorgensen House of Hope, which will serve Wish Kids and their families.

The Importance of a Logic Model

We at Bolek knew that applying a logic model, together with Granted’s existing campaign case statement, to our work on this foundation grant application would be vital. So, we worked with members of the staff leadership team and board members to develop a mission-level logic model.

A Well-Defined Logic Model

Granted had never developed a logic model. In fact, the entire concept was new to them. That’s the case with a lot of grant seekers, but that’s precisely why our process is designed with the novice in mind. We ask guiding questions and facilitate the input sessions in such a way that our clients can really dig into their change process—from their needs and challenges, to what the organization does to address those challenges, and finally to the short- and long-term results they desire for the children, families, and community they serve.

Bolek’s Logic Model Process

It’s not surprising that our work on a strong logic model is becoming increasingly sought after as a critical tool in capital campaigns. And the value goes beyond the immediate goal of winning grant funding. The process of developing the logic model, separate from the tool itself, is essential in helping staff, board members, volunteers, and donors to unite around the campaign’s purpose and mission. After going through the process of creating the logic model, all stakeholders clearly understand the impact of the investments being sought.

Bolek is thrilled to know that by June 2025, House of Hope will open their doors on Oak Hill Road and begin serving Wish Families and their loved ones in Evansville, Indiana.

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