Everyday Heroes

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Who are your favorite people to work with? My favorite people are just a little bit fierce. Not scary fierce, but intense, with a fire in their eye. They’re everyday heroes, actually.

As Principal & Chief Envisioner of Bolek Grant Writing and Consulting, I’ve spent a lot of time working with non-profits in the social services arena. You’ll find many of my favorite people there.

If you’ve worked with leaders in non-profits, have you noticed that they have serious time constraints? Nonprofit staff get pulled in several directions.

BGW is called because we help organizations make life better for those less fortunate. We do that by working with them to fund their missions.

Our work puts us face to face with some special people. They put in long hours for little pay, and they still nearly crackle with energy when they start talking about the people they serve and the results they see.

Good things are happening in our community. Small, but significant changes are occurring. And it’s thanks to the people with ferocity of purpose. They keep showing up and digging away at problems that make daily living a daunting challenge for so many of our neighbors.

They certainly don’t do it for the pay. And they aren’t recognized nearly often enough for that to be their motivation. The inner fire I see when I speak and work with them tells me something else is at play. They want to see positive change. They want things to be better for people who are having a tough time. They are in it for the outcomes. They inspire me, and they are my heroes.

Tell me. Who are your heroes?

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